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Our goal is to make a Web site on which you may find  information about our family and members.
The site will contain some pictures and other information that we find worth showing you.

This Web Site  will now be active again after a long sleeping periode. Pictures from nature will be updated in the gallery when ready. Wait and see.




Konglebit (Pine Grosbeak), Mølen, Norway (2019-11-02)

Kolbjørn's Picture Gallery ( Nature_2019, updated 2019-09-15)

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Holtet, Nevlunghavn residents:
Berit and Kolbjørn

Amundrødvn., Helgeroa:

Bergsåsen, Revetal residents:
Emma, Andreas, Mari, Marit and Kjartan
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By the way - the following URL gives new meaning to the phrase "homepage" (!): http://Kjartan.Berge.net/

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